A little but about 'us' here at Half Circle Ranch.

'We' are Mark, Jes, Jackson and Garrett Radius. I (Jes) have been involved with horses as long as I can remember, and dabbled in a little bit of everything! I was introduced to Pat Parelli and 'Natural Horsemanship' very early on- as many folks do, we bought a young, VERY inexperienced horse, being told we could 'grow up together'- and as you most well know, it was not a good match! I went to a tack store to buy a 'bigger bit' and was introduced to a wonderful woman who introduced me to Pat Parelli and completely changed my perception of my horse and how to handle her. Had that not been the case, I don't believe I would be where I am today. I went on to work for a couple cutting trainers down in Texas, spent one summer breeding mares and halter breaking babies, went on to ride/ sell colts full time- which led to a job galloping racehorses in Florida for 4 winters. After getting married, my hubby put the kabosh on my flying south for the winters.... and my blood had thinned out tooo much to want to ride colts in the winter, so I started playing with rope. My old Parelli longe had seen better days, and when I went to replace it, I about died at the price, and thought, surely I can do that myself! Which of course led me to the realization that there were others out there that deserved to work with quality products without paying the high price tag- so here we are today! 

Mark spent 5 years active Army, spent some time in Iraq, and now works for the National Guard as a mechanic. He doesn't have the history with horses that I do, but he's sure a willing participant, and works hard putting up hay to keep the fatties fed. We had the opportunity to buy him a really nice gelding a couple years back, and he's becoming a better horseman every day. We really enjoy team sorting and anything to do with cattle (tho can't quite afford the cutting sport!) We're blessed to own 2 really nice geldings - and tho time doesn't lend itself to riding nearly as much as we'd like, they'll always have a home here! You can see our four legged family on the halter sizing page- they were all very willing models =)